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>>> A web ring with a uniform URL pattern, still in progress. Looking for individual state editors/publishers.

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This is another of my ongoing projects that as a 80-years old I need to turn over to others that understand the creative reasoning of updating what used to be an unfinished system that did bring in a decent ROI, until an AI alogrythem started questioning when the static material had last been updated. The only ones online right now are, and; if you OK the substitution of a Flash driver.

The others that have content to share, but are not active since my other gifted travel daughter lost my grandson. These quick fixes, setting in a sandbox, are, and CalaforniaTravelMagazine .com, which would be the ideal place to launch my unfinished Mojave portfolio. My intention is that anything but an outright sale (make me an offer) is that my Editor Emertisis position would have some say in how the look and feel of all, evolved, together.

The power of keeping these URLs in a mutually supportative web ringA Miz Bobby photograph of 50 seperate magazines (with the same easy to remember dotcom address) is that once the format is vertical to support a new vertical Newsweek/New Yorker "E-magazine Full Page" Standard, then the problems of an ad agency making across the country buy will become easier. Especially when 50% of our online-readers are from overseas and appreciate our self guided itinerary loops, witha concergie service.

I am also looking for someone capable of working with video, as this, combined with loop tour vertical photos into a high-end folio. Something that goes past what I was trying to accomplish with

It could be that hosting ads, as below, revelent to a regional editorial content, as Oregon, could become a part of a long term win-win-win work together agreement.
Three Sisters

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